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You're Our Unity

Dare To Be Y.O.U. 

Y.O.U. Show

The “You’re OUR Unity” show, hosted by LeShawn Walker, uses engaging conversations to help bring greater peace, enlightenment, and happiness to individuals, their families, and their communities.

Future Leaders Of The World "Claiming the Crown"
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In the wake of today’s racially divisive climate, a growing number of people want to unite to make our world a better place but often don’t know where to begin.


From personal experience, LeShawn knows that individual differences serve to UNITE US rather than to DIVIDE US. A certified life coach, LeShawn offers a unique perspective by interviewing outstanding individuals who are making positive contributions to our world. During each episode of Y.O.U., LeShawn introduces viewers to amazing people who are accepting, loving, and caring at their core, providing dynamic and inspiring interactions that celebrate our differences and help us find common ground.