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   You're Our Unity

Cultivating a spirit of Peace and love in the world one person at a time.

Building Communities of peacemakers by redefining the Love within Y.O.U.

You're Our Unity is a Socially Conscious Community Outreach network dedicated to encouraging and supporting individuals who are committed to playing an integral part in the pursuit of peace by uncovering the best version of themselves daily. Striving with conviction to reawaken unconditional love and rediscover compassion.

Our Mission is to provide each person in our communities with valuable information, tools and resources needed to restore, revitalize and nurture the person they were destined to be.

Our Passion is loving deeply by serving others. We connect with our communities through various programs and services aimed at fulfilling a need, uplifting and empowering individuals and building strong relationships with diverse cultures. 

Our Purpose is to heal our hurt, forgive the past, own our truth, strengthen our love then share it with the world!

About Y.O.U.

Dare to be Y.O.U.

Don't complain, Contribute! Uncover your best self, live for inner peace, love to serve others, and respect cultural diversity. 

"Peace and Love is in the Palm of Your hand" 


Join our community of Peacebuilders.

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