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Leshawn Walker



Even as a young girl, LeShawn was attuned to the fact that most people, regardless of race or identity, are connected by their need for safety and prosperity, love, peace, and pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. In her world, everything and everyone has value and demands respect even in the most challenging circumstances. Always known for her smile and sunny disposition, LeShawn Walker believes that a positive attitude can overcome almost any challenge: that by leading with a smile and a kind word you will receive that same if not more energy in return.

A native New Yorker, LeShawn grew up in a melting pot of diversity, surrounded by individuals from all walks of life to form a kaleidoscope of friends. For the past 20+ years, she has worked in customer relations for a major NYC Communications company and a leading electronics manufacturer. These work experiences have enabled LeShawn to travel the world, venturing out to experience new places and new people, learning about their hopes and dreams. Despite being filled with sunshine and joy, LeShawn has had to endure heartbreaking personal experiences that have taught her live life to the fullest each day, understanding that our lives are finite, making each day count.

As an active member of Valley Stream Presbyterian Church, LeShawn is dedicated to being a source of Love to promote fellowship, constructive engagement, and volunteerism to strengthen community-based programs that serve local youth and adults. She was also blessed and honored to volunteer with Long Island Cares, Long Island N.Y’s very first food bank dedicated to providing food to people impacted by hunger and food insecurity. Long Island Cares is an important social resource, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. LeShawn takes great pleasure in volunteering her time and energy to help ensure that food-insecure people are healthy and well feed. Experiencing amazing acts of bravery, resilience, hope, and gratitude.


As the community service chair for the Hempstead chapter of Lions Club International, LeShawn joins other volunteers who are working to improve their communities, and the world, by raising funds and awareness to help eradicate illness, hunger, and social inequality. Whether it’s donating money or volunteering her time, or building team spirit, LeShawn sees this servitude as the most fulfilling form of Love. As the founder of You’re Our Unity LLC, LeShawn is focused on radiating greater positivity, hope, compassion, empathy, and love to those around her. The “You’re OUR Unity” show has given her a platform to engage others in the search for ultimate peace and UNITY! As a deeply spiritual person, LeShawn’s soul is guided and provided for by God, who has blessed her with the gift of bringing hope and healing to people by teaching her IRS method: Identify the problem, Recognize the solution and then Socialize the new Y.O.U.


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