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The You're Our Unity Show

Highlighting diverse individuals with a common goal. To celebrate and embrace our differences while exposing and highlighting our commonalities.

A Father's Journey

A Father's Journey

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About the Show

In the wake of today’s racially divisive climate, a growing number of people want to unite to make our world a better place but often don’t know where to begin.


The You're Our Unity Show offers a unique perspective by introducing viewers to engaging, thoughtful conversation with outstanding individuals who are making positive contributions to our world. During each episode of  The You're Our Unity Show, Host, LeShawn Walker engages in authentic dialogue with  diverse people who share their truth of adversity, resilience, triumph, and hope. Most importantly, she has impactful conversations with real people of all ages from various communities across the globe who are making a difference by contributing to the change they seek. Living a life of service, leading by example and being a voice for the voiceless. The show provides dynamic and inspiring interactions with compassionate, loving and supportive people who share their STORY  in hopes of inspiring YOU to tell yours!


LeShawn knows that individual differences serve to UNITE US rather than to DIVIDE US.

Join the conversation, share your story on The You're Our Our Unity Show 

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